The District is responsible for the management of groundwater in Bell County, Texas. The District’s mission is to “develop and implement an efficient, economical and environmentally sound groundwater management program to protect and enhance the water resources of the district.”

What is a GroundWater Conservation District?

GCDs are political subdivisions of the state created to protect and balance private groundwater interests with the conservation, preservation, protection, recharging and prevention of waste of groundwater, and the control of subsidence caused by withdrawal.


Do I have to register my well with my GCD?

Yes, state law requries all wells to be registered with the GCD. This does not mean that all wells require a permit. All domestic wells and livestock wells that produce less than 25,000 gallons per day are exempt from permits. A GCD has the ability to exempt others in their rules.


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Jody Williams
Jody Williams
Scott A. Brooks
Scott A. Brooks
David Cole
Director At-Large
David Cole
Gary Young
Gary Young
Leland Gersbach
Board President
Leland Gersbach

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